Houston Spanish Rock Legends Reunite!

Join us as we come together to celebrate the 20 Year Reunion of Houston Spanish Rock legends, The Basics!

The Basics 20 Year Reunion Concert

Performing with The Basics will be:
Robbie Parrish – Drums
Jeff Balke – Bass
Bobby Zenteno – Percussion
All Paglioso – Congas
Special Guest on Keys, Clay Hemphill
Special guest on Back up Vocals, Sidonie Olivarez
and of course The Basics duet of
Artie Villasenor and Lupe Olivarez

Tickets are $10, Doors at 7pm.

Also performing live will be:
Sister Sister Y Los Misters 8:00 – 9:00
Los Guerreros De La Musica / LGM 9: 30 – 10:30
The Basics 11:00 – 12am
Mamahawk (funk band from Austin) 12:30 – 1:30

End of Summer Music & Arts Fest

End of Summer Labor Day Fest Flyer

A two-day independent Music & Arts Festival held between Last Concert Cafe & Eastdown Warehouse in Downtown Houston. The festival will feature some of Houston’s best bands, singer songwriters, performers, artists and vendors!

Support LGM by purchasing your presale tickets for only $10 from any LGM member.

Or pay $15 at door (Band does not get a cut of the door money).


Festival Lineup:
SATURDAY (Last Concert Cafe)
* Odd Toddler
* Just J & Homies
* The Share Fire
* Black Water Mountain
* Superna

SATURDAY (Eastdown Warehouse)
* Power Rage
* Phrolic
* Los Guerreros De La Musica / LGM
* Blake Bidgare

SATURDAY (UMA Mobile Stage)

* Black Kennedy

SUNDAY (Last Concert Cafe)
* Treynwrek
* A Return to Beauty
* Jacob Minter

SUNDAY (Eastdown Warehouse)
* Kid Goudeau

SUNDAY (UMA Mobile Stage)
* Tribe Hill